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Endodontic and Pediatric Dentistry
237 Wilson Street Brewer, ME 04412
Endodontic Office (207) 991-9570  •  Pediatric Dentistry (207) 991-9580

Whether you require treatment for the root of the tooth, dental pulp and surrounding tissue


You are interested in providing your child with an early positive dental experience, ensuring continual growth and development,

We, at Brewer Dental Specialists, are here to serve your needs.


Christopher Dorr, Endodontist Carey Fister, Pediatric Dentist

Christopher Dorr, D.M.D

Carey Fister, D.M.D
Pediatric Dentist

Brewer Dental Specialists is a family-operated practice offering quality dental services in Endodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.  Conveniently located in the heart of Maine, our practice on Wilson Street in Brewer serves all of Bangor and its outlying communities.   Dr. Dorr and Dr. Fister place an emphasis on individual attention and are committed to patient service, continually striving to be progressive in the areas of technology, education, facilities, and equipment.  Our dedicated and competent staff steadfastly uphold our values of customer service, overall excellence, individualism, and team work.